X-Files - 'Folie a Deux'

New to the comm...

First of all, you guys' dreams are awesome! I nearly cried from laughing at some moments (the best was the one with Bono following the person around, saying "hello hello!" through a megaphone and the person hitting him with a hammer).

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I'm A Celebrity...

Last night I dreamt that Bono was taking part in I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here! (one of those awful "reality TV" contests where a bunch of so-called celebs have to survive in the jungle doing stupid tasks, etc). Yeahright, as if they'd have anyone that famous on there to begin with - that show virtually prides itself on being full of Z-listers that nobody's actually heard of!!  It gets funnier... I was reading some website that had the latest updates on the show, and it seems that Bono wasn't turning out to be very popular with the general public (again, yeahright - as if Bono would struggle for votes, considering about two-thirds of the world's population seem to be U2 fans!!). So the latest twist was that they'd brought the rest of U2 into the jungle as well, to give Bono a bit of moral support!!  What amuses me most of all is the fact I had to read about this stuff online... apparently not even Bono's participation was enough to get me actually watching this trash!!
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Dreaming out LOUD

Hi! this is my first post here - and my FIRST U2 dream, if you could call it one.

Has anyone here had any U2 songs appear in their dream (even without any member of the band being there)?

Here's mine - last night:

In my dream, I was going by a used-electronics store and paused to check out a huge black boom box - you know, like the ones that came out in the early nineties along with Vanilla Ice, Mr. T., and M.C. Hammer. I asked the store owner to test it, and he put in a casette tape.

And the song that came booming out was "Pride (In the Name of Love)." Then as I started belting out "In the name of love!" along with Bono, I woke up - STILL SINGING. I was *so* relieved my flatmates didn't wake up.

Nothing much, I know, but it's a start. The boys haven't visited me yet in my dreams, but you never know when they're gonna be dropping in. ;D
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My Dreams Involve Harming Bono-

I had a dream last night where I met David Bowie. I ran into him on the street and was like "Hey it's David Bowie!"

He was all scared, so I asked him why and he said "I'm afraid of Americans!" (listen to: "I'm Afraid of Americans" by David Bowie)

Anyway, then Bono runs out of nowhere and is all like "Blarrrgh!" and trying to scare poor David Bowie, but Mr. Bowie wasn't buying what Bono was selling and hook punched him in the jaw and said "Stupid mic!".

Then I woke up.

I had another one a while ago where Bono was following me around the house in his straw cowboy hat (or the monstrawsity as I call it) with a megaphone screaming "HELLO HELLO" at me. Having had enough of that, I struck poor Bono in the head with a hammer. Suddenly Larry Mullen emerged from my bathroom and handed me a check. In the place where you write the amount due he had written "1967 Firebird". Larry is so badass he apparently uses classic american muscle cars as currency.